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How to Choose The Perfect Spray Rig For Your Business

The right polyurea rig should be customized to manage the jobs you typically do in the field. The amount of polyurea that you apply affects the size, price, and other features of the equipment and the rig that is right for you. However, it isn't always simple to find a great polyurea rig when vendors try to force static packages on you instead of tailoring the rig to your unique contracting requirements.

Fortunately, you can trust the specialists at ArmorThane to provide you with highly customizable and well-performing polyurea rigs that will safeguard all your equipment. Their custom-made polyurea rigs are designed to get your instruments to the job safely and streamline operations. 

What to Look for in a Spray Rig

Whether you are an experienced pro or are just starting in spray foam applications, you need the right spray rig for the job. This means that you must consider your own professional needs and goals. 

Starting can do well with an entry-level polyurea spray rig, whereas evolving businesses have growing demands that require more sophisticated rigs. However, here are some features that contractors globally look for:

  • The ability to customize the spray rig to optimize job performance
  • Great quality rigs that are strong and well-insulated
  • The right size to handle all your equipment
  • All-in-one suitability for on-the-go work
  • Safe and secure storage conditions.
  • Organized storage for maximum functionality
  • A great price for the investment
  • Sets up and tears down quickly and easily for greatest productivity

All of ArmorThane's polyurea spray rigs meet these qualifications and more. They will act as a self-contained, comprehensive job site trailer matched for the type and volume of spray foam you apply. 

The right rig for you may not be the same for another contractor. Some may need a small and highly portable unit for small-scale polyurea applications. Other contractors need heavy-duty rigs that are meant to handle high-volume commercial projects. Speak with ArmorThane today to find out what kind of rig would suit your business the best.

Manufactured in-House with Freedom to choose

At ArmorThane, they would love to speak with you to construct a customized rig just for you. They have helped many customers select and build trailers with custom specifications to meet the unique demands of their contracting business. This results in great cost savings because they include only what you need and don't force you to buy spray foam or other products that you may not need nor want. 

ArmorThane takes pride in making transactions easy and as stress-free as possible for their clients. That's why they don't force anyone to buy a package attached to any rig, though they offer packages as an option for customers who are starting from scratch and want a turnkey operation.

If you choose to purchase an equipment package, they install everything in your work vehicle or provide everything you need, including the truck or trailer. They will also give you two days of equipment training after purchasing a custom mobile spray rig as part of the purchase cost.

Selecting Polyurea Products for Your Rig

If you're starting as a contractor, having a rig isn't enough. You're going to need the highest quality equipment to put inside it. A great place to start is to explore ArmorThane's mobile spray rigs page and to check out their polyurea rigs or foam insulation spray rig packages

They also offer tools and safety equipment. These can be included in your starter kit or be unique additions to your expanding business. ArmorThane carries small replacement parts, quality proportioners, and polyurea guns from brands like Graco and PMC built to last. To find out more about the polyurea products that they offer, click here to get in touch with a pro.

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Let ArmorThane Build It Right

We want to make your coating jobs as convenient and fast as possible. That's why we design the trailer to your request or we'll help guide you through the layout and equipment choices based on your business plans. Options range from a smaller, low pressure configuration to a longer, two-room version that's fully outfitted with a high volume system.

Example Trailers

Industries and projects have difference requirements. Ask us for more details on these custom built examples:

  • Primary and Secondary Containment Unit – 36 Ft Gooseneck Trailer with resting berths and large chemical storage
  • Mining and Heavy Industry Unit – 30 Ft Gooseneck Trailer with multiple air tools from one large compressor
  • Residential and Commercial Coatings – 20 Ft Bumper Pull Trailer designed for easy-to-reach projects such as decks, animal enclosures
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Each Mobile Coatings Unit comes complete with everything you need to get started AND keep going. Everything is included up front…

Projects are different from one applicator to the next. So, why buy a trailer designed for someone else? Instead, we customize the design of a trailer to fit your projects.

Our Coatings Units take power and equipment to any industrial, commercial or residential jobsite. Customers look to us for guidance, but the final choice of equipment and layout is yours. Options vary from a smaller, high or low pressure configuration to a longer, two-compartment version that’s fully outfitted with a high pressure system. Sizes typically range from 16' up to 36'.

MCU are Built to Take the Coatings Business Directly to the Job Site

Whether you decide to run completely mobile or simply add flexibility to a workshop business, ArmorThane helps you select the materials and application equipment that fits your plans.

Trailers are specifically designed for easy access with all of the tools needed to produce high-quality ArmorThane coatings. A gas generator even allows you to bring power to any site.

Image result for mobile coating units

While No Two Trailers are Alike, Here are Some Features of One-Compartment and Two-Compartment MCUs:

  • Rear Ramp Entry Door
  • Optional Separated Equipment Room
  • Exhaust Fans for Equipment Room
  • Spray Gun Access Door
  • Ventilated Generator System
  • Multiple Regulated Air Drops
  • Multiple 110V and 230V Power Connects
  • Propane or Electric Trailer/Material Heat
  • Coated Interior for Scratch Protection
  • Shore Power Switch
  • Outside Fill Fuel Tank
  • Refrigerated Dry Air
  • Side Entrance Door into Optional Equipment Room
  • Optional Internal Wall for Sound Reduction, Insulation
  • Propane Travel Racks for Propane Heat
  • Reinforced Hose Hangers
  • Hose Connection Impact Guard
  • Proportioner Impact Guard
  • Wall-Mounted Tool Cabinets
  • Work Bench with Gun Vise
  • Eye Wash Station
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Optional Exterior Graphics

Secondary containment pit coating

Plus we provide all of the polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid coating products, primers, sealers, topcoats, spray guns, tools and supplies you need.

Several Questions Help Us Make Key Design Recommendations

We want to help you make the right decisions. When you talk with us, we’ll ask questions regarding:

  • Type of Spraying Projects
  • Spraying Environment (Temperature, Humidity)
  • Spraying Distance from the Trailer
  • Tools and Equipment Used
  • Access to Power, Cost of Power
  • Equipment Noise, Heat
  • Ventilation Required
  • Site-to-Site or Fixed Locations

You get:
Industry Leading Components
• Turn Key Generator Powered Unit
• Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam
• Fresh Air and Safety Systems
• Climate Controlled Mobile Storage

Heated Hose Rack
Holds up to 410 ft. of hose. Designed with no sharp edges to tear or fray protective scuff jacket. Includes mounting bracket for heated hose circulation manifold.
Fit and Finish
Interior of trailer is lined with a white laminated plywood (not just painted). White aluminum trim in corners keeps the fluid and air hoses concealed for a clean and professional look.
Fully Insulated
ArmorThane Mobile Rigs are fully insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam for the best insulation while adding structural strength to the trailer.
Trailer Specs
Trailer manufactured by United Trailers with 7.5 ft. tall interior height, double I-beam construction with support studs on 16 inch centers. Includes rear bogey wheels, and is backed with a 5 year warranty.
Work Bench and Cabinet
Galvanized steel work bench with vise, grinder and overhead white aluminum locking cabinet.
Barrel Braces
Engineered to hold two or three sets of material securely for a mobile application.
Generator/Air Compressor All rigs come with generators and air compressors from leading manufacturers and are approved installations backed by warranty.
Separated Utility Room
Generator is installed in separate utility compartment, sealed from the spray/work space — reducing noise and exposure to emissions.


Image result for mobile coating unit
  • ft (8.5m) gooseneck trailer (8 ft / 2.4m height)
  • 20 ft (6m) tag-along trailer (8 ft / 2.4m height)
  • 16 ft (5m) tag-along trailer (7 ft / 2.1m height)
  • Box truck
  • Sea containers
  • 53 ft (16m) trailers for roofing and Xtreme Mix
    All trailers and box trucks include:

  • Proper ventilation. Engineered louver system designed to keep the generator from overheating
  • Color-coded drum restraints
  • Insulated partition wall between utilities and cabin. This separates the generator from the proportioner – reducing noise during operation
  • Electrical system with control panel
  • Hose hanger (up to 410 ft /125m capacity)
  • 1/4 in (.635cm) plywood walls, double 3⁄4 in (1.9 cm) plywood flooring (trailers only)
  • Heavy-duty 8 in (20.3 cm) main beam construction (trailers only)
  • Custom barrel brace set
  • Two ABC approved fire extinguishers
  • Deluxe first aid kit



  • Reactor® H-40
  • Reactor H-25
  • Reactor E-30
  • Reactor E-20
  • Reactor H-XP2
  • Reactor E-XP2
  • Reactor A-20
  • Xtreme Mix™
    Gun Package:

  • Fusion® Air Purge
  • Fusion Mechanical Purge
  • Gusmer® GX-7
  • GX-8
  • GX-DI
  • Gap Pro
  • D-Gun
  • XTR Gun
  • Flex Plus™ Gun

  • 2000 psi
  • 3500 psi
  • 5000 psi
  • 7250 psi (Water-jacketed hose available)


  • 40 KW diesel
  • 60 KW diesel
    Generator packages include:

  • Installation and wiring
  • E-stop
  • Hardware
  • Shut down alarms
  • Correct sizing for application


  • Rotary screw compressor (40 cfm) integrated with generator saves valuable floor space (60 cfm model is optional)
  • 5 hp Champion compressor (17.5 cfm)
  • 5 hp Champion compressor (Vertical) (17.5 cfm)
  • 10 hp Champion compressor (35 cfm)
    All air systems include:

  • Installation and plumbing
  • Refrigerated dryer – 225°F (107°C) inlet temperature ensures proper air drying in any climate
  • Filtration
  • Regulators
  • Quick disconnects
  • Correct sizing for application