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Why You Need A Mobile Spray Rig From ArmorThane

by on April 22, 2022

There's more to spray coatings than it first appears. First, there's the matter of application. It's possible to be amazed by the other important aspects. A major and controversial issue for any spray-coating company is extreme temperatures. There is an option. One of the most efficient methods to control the temperatures in your spray coatings is the purchase of a portable spray rig.

The producers of ISO, as well as resin materials, provide recommendations on the best temperatures for storage. But, any person working in any field soon realizes that there could be issues. There is no way to manage the weather.

In cold temperatures, these types of materials may partially freeze. In the end, they're less able to spray. If the weather is extremely warm it is also a risk of the materials becoming too hot and the containers growing beyond their limit.

What is a mobile Spray Rig?

Polyurea application apparatus is essential in applying applications for industrial coatings. Mobile spray equipment is used across a range of industries. For instance, commercial roofers see them as important. On the other hand, contractors who spray foam insulation acknowledge its importance.

A mobile spray rig is basic equipment designed to help spray companies control the temperatures of materials. As you can see, the control of temperature is crucial in the context of the application.

In addition, it important is that mobile spray equipment can be tailored to suit your business's particular needs. They can also be constructed to be used by businesses of all levels. This can include large corporations to small businesses just beginning out. Furthermore, these rigs provide small convenience, mobility and flexibility, and could transform your company. If you're looking for something smaller that is less cluttered or something more robust There's appropriate spray equipment for your business.

The Benefits of a Mobile Spray Rig

If you're using any kind of coating but it won't do you or your customers when you're struggling to apply spray material. spray material. Mobile spray rigs provide the following benefits:

  • Control of Temperature Regulation from Spray Materials
  • Compact Command Center for Operations and Inventory
  • Individualized Solutions that Meet Your Budget and needs and Much More
ArmorThane is prepared to provide your business with custom mobile rigs that are top of the line.

Take Your Mobile Spray Rig From ArmorThane Now

ArmorThane offers a complete line of spray equipment and is able to tailor the rigs to meet your company's requirements. ArmorThane rigs come with PMC equipment and heated hose, spray guns, material supply systems, diesel generators, and air compressors on every model.

Additionally, you need to know certain other important features of portable spray rigs. Everything you need is in one place. This removes the need to load and gives you access to the most modern equipment available in one place. Furthermore, you are covered by the standard PMC guarantee for security and peace of mind.

Contact ArmorThane today to begin designing the spray equipment that is right for you. We're eager to assist you.

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How to Choose a Mobile Spray Rig: a Brief Guide for 2021

by on June 25, 2021

Selecting a mobile coatings unit requires knowledge and skill. Plus, when you invest in the proper equipment, you get to enjoy an effective and long-lasting rig that improves your overall business productivity.

In this post, you’ll discover how to choose the best mobile spray rig for you. We accurately describe the vital steps you should head consideration to before buying your spray rig.

4 Key Steps Involved in Choosing a Mobile Coatings Unit

Custom iconic rig

1. What is the Purpose of your Spray Rig?

The first step to take before selecting the best spray foam rig is to define the purpose of the mobile coatings rig.

In general, these are the basic categories of use that determine the rigs that will work for you:

  • Roofing/insulation
  • Part-time/full time
  • Residential/commercial

Are you interested in spraying foam insulation, spraying storage tanks, and other application methods?

While it’s true that some coatings rigs come pre-equipped, you can customize your spray rigs to fit your plan.

If you’re a residential contractor or home builder that deals with applications that require average output of 5-8 pounds per minute, a machine with a lower maximum output of 15-20 PPM is great – such as air-driven devices.

If you operate on both large residential and commercial projects and spend most of your time in these projects, hydraulic machines with more powerful output ratings are ideal.

Do you intend to install spray coating roofings? With the introduction of robotics in the spray coating markets, accuracy and maximum production can be achieved with high-performance foam and coating machines.

2. Do you intend on spraying both Foam and Polyurea Coatings?

Another determinant to consider is the particular material you'll be spraying. Do you plan to spray only spray foam, or do you have ideas for coatings, slab jacking, or pour coatings?

For instance, an air-driven closed-cell spray coating rig is common and easy to use if you're working on your home. These works ideally for small home renovation projects.

However, if you intend to spray several hundred or thousands of square feet, a more powerful hydraulic machine will work well for both coatings and spray foam. Whether you are a contractor needing to install open-cell foam or closed-cell foam, they are both rated as a moisture barrier and serve as a higher R-value than fiberglass or rock wool. Those with lower R-value can retain moisture and lead to mold.

3. Do You Require High Pressure or Low Pressure Spray Foam Equipment?

Graco SMART Machine with app

The third most important stage in buying or choosing a mobile coatings unit is defining the kind of pressure your rig should have. This can change the requirements of space and equipment needed.

If you intend to spray coatings only in a residential setting, you should select lower output spray equipment. However, for spray coatings or spray foam in a non-residential setting where much more material is required, you need a higher output hydraulic machine with more hose length, pressure ratings, and appropriate transfer pumps.

4. What Type of Trailer Do You Need?

16 foot trailer

Finally, it would help if you didn’t neglect your trailer type when planning to buy a spray coatings rig. It’s essential that the rig you purchase can conveniently pull the loads in your trailer while supporting the demands of the intended use. 

For example, will the rig be employed in the city where congestion is likely, and space is a premium, or will you need access in a more challenging geographical location where maximum payloads and extra rugged suspension are required?

If you do a job where you carry mostly large loads, your rig should be customized to work for a goose-neck trailer, fifth wheel, or box truck. Note that if you want to buy used equipment, get the guarantee that it’s as efficient as the new one. Smaller loads can benefit from a box truck or smaller trailer.

Final Thoughts

In brief, this article serves as a short guide for choosing a spray coating rig for your small or large residential or commercial projects.

We’re hopeful that the four steps you read above will help you to make an informed decision. No doubt, the right investment in spray rigs will produce ripples of business benefits.

Do you need to purchase spray foam equipment?

 ArmorThane specializes in supplying and building spray coatings equipment. They also offer application training and service maintenance for your equipment.

You deserve the best equipment for your business at a fair price. You can also sign up for their e-newsletter to getting more tips on spray equipment.

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What Type Of Foam Insulation Equipment Should I Get?

by on June 15, 2021

Those operating a foam insulation business understand the insulation market's good, versatile, and financially rewarding nature. Nevertheless, similar to most growing industries, there are different uses for spray foam insulation covering a series of applications. In a progressively 'green' initiative-minded world, insulation helps lower energy consumption and helps in keeping often unfriendly weather outside where it belongs.

Running a foam insulation business requires knowing the best equipment for the specific type of insulation job. Foam insulation spray equipment is an essential financial investment in your business. It will keep it operational, and choosing the ideal equipment for the ideal kind of insulation task is pivotal to your business's success. Having access to the best equipment needs an understanding of application type and proper usage for specific circumstances. If you are in the insulation business and looking to grow and establish, you have likely been wondering the responses to some important questions.

Should I Get A Spray Foam Rig Or Just The Equipment?

To carry out top-quality work, the ideal equipment for the job is essential. Among the main options that a foam insulation business requires to be made is whether to acquire foam spraying equipment for numerous jobs or purchase a geared-up spray foam rig. A spray foam rig is a larger investment, but it is preloaded, souped-up, and customized for any job your business is hired to carry out.

Of course, not all rigs are stocked with the very same features. Those working on a budget plan might still obtain a 16 or 20-foot economy trailer rig geared up for a terrific bulk of insulation tasks. For low and medium projects, a portable rig series will suffice. Those insulators with much more pressing business and particular needs can invest in a mobile coatings unit, a custom-made rig, or a spray foam rig equipped with the latest custom machinery.

There is likewise the path with acquiring just the needed equipment. Transporting and establishing complicated equipment from task to task can be time-consuming, that's before discussing that it requires to be stored somewhere, which might need the equipment to be lighter and more mobile. This also indicates that it's not likely to be industrially efficient in completing the largest of tasks. Then there are the power and compressed air supply considerations typical to all spray foam equipment. Whereas specific rigs, typically referred to as 'turn-key rigs, include their power supply. If you have the means to provide power and a percentage of compressed air, then a simple equipment package is all that is needed. Click the links to learn more on private sprayers to pumps.

How Much Does A Spray Foam Rig Cost?

The expense of spray foam rigs differ substantially based on several elements. The substantial nature of their equipment, the financial level of the device, and obviously, the grade of the equipment that inhabits the rig's construct will all be factored in the expense. Various producers can likewise price rigs at different rate ranges.

Typically, a basic air-operated maker can start at approximately $8,000, the most affordable end of the rate point scale. However, the air intake requirement of an air rig could be a concern to a business owner. Devices relying on electrical and hydraulic as the primary drive cost anywhere between $12,000 and $27,000 based on the extensive nature of the equipment set up. Furthermore, set up equipment in a rig includes the expense so much that the complete equipment expenses require financial investments going beyond $50,000. A quote for a rig or equipment can be obtained by contacting an agent from ArmorThane here, depending on one's business requirements.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Spray Foam Insulation?

While there are lots of end-user advantages to spray foam insulation used, consisting of huge energy cost savings, reduction of moisture, mold, dust, pollen, noise, and ice damage, and enhanced structural strength and very little maintenance, there are some significant disadvantages to it also.

While there is no arguing the energy operating expense savings, the effects are far from instant. Many who utilize spray foam insulation start just seeing the financial investment, which normally brings a significant upfront cost, start to show dividends just 2 to 4 years after the insulation has been administered. The setup procedure itself is typically more time-consuming than alternative insulation also. The other clear disadvantage is that the project is not something most can take up as a DIY venture. It demands a range of foam insulation spray equipment and an understanding of the process, so entrepreneurs need to get proper training.

Final Thoughts

As a foam insulation business, you are most likely to encounter several obstacles, consisting of heavy financial investment into equipment and a prospective rig, on top of competitors from other foam insulation companies in your location and alternative insulation methods. Foam insulation can be profitable as homeowners wish to minimize heating costs eventually, so it is best to thoroughly investigate the equipment you will require to utilize, buy quality equipment, set a spending plan apart for repair work and maintenance, and run at the optimal quality to garner an exceptional reputation. When business comes your way, figure out the task's scope, examine the expense to do the job, and guarantee that the client gets top-notch on every job.

A financial investment in a rig could make you much more capable and mobile with your equipment, too, so that is constantly worth factor consider. To learn more about buying spray foam rigs, equipment, and many other components of the foam insulation business, go to today!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Using Your Existing Spray Foam Equipment to Apply Polyurea

by on May 27, 2021

Today we will discuss using your existing foam processing equipment for applying Polyurea coatings. Your spray foam equipment is your most valuable and useful tool. When using it to apply other products such as Polyurea, it can increase your profits, widen your customer base and allow you to offer a technology your competitors don't provide. Understanding the basics of processing polyurea and how to use your spray foam equipment to apply it is very important 

Most polyurethane foam proportioners typically have a maximum processing pressure capability of up to two thousand PSI. They also have smaller primary heaters, which need to be considered when using your spray foam equipment to apply Polyurea. It is important to note that Pollari is achieving their best physical properties when processed at high pressures, those greater than three thousand psi and temperatures greater than one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. As you know, to achieve quality spray foam, less pressure and lower temperatures are needed. 

 When you have a polyurea application under consideration, it is important to consult your supplier to ensure your spray foam equipment can manufacture a strong enough poly area for the surface environment in which the policy will be performing. Examples of applications where spray foam equipment can apply poly area include spray-in bedliners, waterproofing, corrosion protection of steel, and several others. Applications where machines capable of higher pressures and temperatures are required, include chemical resistant secondary containment, high abrasive areas, potable water coatings, internal tank linings, blast mitigation, and other applications where settling for anything less than the most optimum strength is not acceptable. 

 When using your spray foam proportioner to process areas, you will need to turn up your pressures to the machine's maximum capability, which is typically two thousand psi. You will also need to adjust the primary heaters and hose heat settings to one hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Polyurea is A and B components that require more impingement mixing than foams. It is common practice to use a lower output mixing chamber. This will increase the impingement mixing of the two components within the mixing chamber. 

 It will also allow more residence time for the A and B components as they travel slower through the primary heater. Remember, the temperature is important with some poly formulas. A ten-degree temperature difference can affect your finished poly of strength by as much as 15 to 20 percent. Depending on your proportional heater wattage capacity, it may be necessary to increase the product temperature in their containers before processing approximately twenty-four hours before you begin to heat the product with power, blankets, heat bands, a hot box surrounding the drums, or simply warming the area where the products are stored. 

 As with all products, it is good practice to keep the containers off of steel or concrete floors when trying to keep the material warm. Spray foam air purge guns will produce a strong enough area for some of the basic applications. As we noted previously, as long as the right mixing chamber and adjustments are made to your processing settings on the proportioner with polyurea technology, it is important to note that just because a machine and spray gun can process and apply a poly area and then it becomes tech-free, that does not mean that is what should be used for the expected service performance of that product. 

If you are looking for spray foam equipment or polyurea equipment, we recommend reaching out to ArmorThane. They are the world leader in protective coating equipment and material.

 One change always affects everything else. It is important to understand and follow this when preparing for your applications. Additionally, as with spray films to field measure, the Polyurea is reactivity profile. Always reference your supplier's technical datasheets for processing requirements and gel Intec free times. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing A Mobile Spray Rig

by on May 20, 2021

This article will provide a better understanding of Spray Foam Equipment & Polyurea Coating Equipment. These components make up a turnkey rig that allows you to maximize profits and a positive return on Investment.

HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT installed correctly leads to PROFITS. While LOW-QUALITY EQUIPMENT installed Improperly results in LOSSES.

Hopefully, with the information you take from this article, you will be better equipped, keep crews spraying materials, minimize downtime, and increase profits. You do not want to train crews to be equipment mechanics, wasting time, losing money, and creating a bad reputation. Selecting PROPER SPRAY FOAM EQUIPMENT is extremely important for Maximum Yield and Producing a Quality Product.

 Each component of a Spray System relies on the other to Produce Maximum Yield and Quality Spray Products. Many low-quality rig builders UNDER-SIZE components to win the battle of the lowest price. This is a huge mistake and will be covered, in much detail, below.


  • The REACTOR (Proportioner) Heats, Pressurizes and Dispenses the A & B Materials to produce the Spray Foam or Coating Product. Certain models of Reactors have larger preheaters, longer hose capabilities, various pressure ratings, different output abilities, and functioning power requirements.
  • A Reactor Package consists of The Reactor, Transfer Pumps, Transfer & Re-circulation Lines, Heated Hoses, and Gun.
  • Under sizing the Reactor will result in damaged equipment, downtime, and repair cost. Preventing efficient processing for producing a quality product.
  • It is important to know the market segment that will be Targeted. (Residential, Commercial, Roofing, Slab Jacking, Secondary Containment, Bed-liners, etc.…. A turnkey Spray Foam Rig or Coatings Rig will be built custom for the applications the investor purchases it for.
  • Investing in a larger reactor setup will tackle both Low-Volume and High-Volume Productions. However, the difference in price for the entire rig package can be $20K to $50K. So, choosing the correct Reactor is key to prevent overspending without under-sizing.
  • Since Rigs are built custom with components to support specific Spray Foam Reactor Packages, they are not always up-gradable. This means if a rig is built to target residential work, the makeup of the Rig's components will be sized for that specific Reactor.
  • For Example, a Residential Spray Foam Setup with a Graco E20 Reactor can be 210 Ft. hose length and Sprays 20 Lbs./ Min. The Generator that powers this Rig is 22 KW, Compressor 3 HP, and the System is built on a 16 Ft 10,000 Lb. GVWR Trailer Platform. This Rig is not powerful or large enough to host a Higher Volume Reactor. A whole new rig would need to be purchased for the upgrade. So, it is important to work with an equipment specialist to select the best possible Reactor Package.


  • Selecting the Proper Spray Rig Compressor is vital to operate efficiently. The Compressor supplies air to many components. First, it supplies air to the Pneumatic Transfer Pumps, Approx. 5 CFM x 2 = 10CFM. Another 5CFM to Activate an Air Purge Spray Foam Gun.
  • Many 0.50Lb. Open Cell Spray Foams and Polyurea Coatings will need to be mixed continuously. An Agitator or Mixer Demand 5 to 15CFM. With foam, selecting a product that needs no mixing will bypass this process. With Polyurea, this is not an option; a mixer will be required.
  • Some sprayers prefer High-Pressure Breathing Systems. The compressed air is filtered from the Compressor and delivers clean, breathable air to the applicator's mask. These systems demand at least 15 to 30 CFM. Low-Pressure Separate Fresh Air Pumps eliminate the high demand for CFMs.    
  • An UNDERSIZED Compressor will not supply enough air for the Pumps, Gun, Mixer, and Breathing System. This will result in insufficient material supply, improper mixing, gun failure, and shortage of supplied air to the sprayer. Ultimately poor material processing reducing yield and return on Investment. 
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers are used to remove water vapor created by the Compressor. Refrigerating the air before feeding the spray foam component eliminates condensation deliver by the air hoses to the rig components. Removing unwanted moisture is important to protect Equipment and prevent moisture from mixing with ISO or A-Side Material. Guns with moisture will clog easier and create more downtime. Moisture will also contaminate the processing, reducing yield and producing a Less Quality Product. Like every other component, it is Important to size the Air Dryer handle the CFM being used by the System.
  • If using a Screw Compressor, a Coalescent Filter is a must. It stops oil from contaminating the Dryer and Air Lines. This should be standard in all quality screw compressor installs. These filters need to be changed as the manufacturer recommends in the systems manual.


  • Spray Foam Rigs require Massive Amounts of Power to run all the System's Components. The REACTOR "Proportioner" utilizes Primary Pre-Heaters ranging from 6 KW on the Low End to 20 KW on the High End.
  • Spray Machines also have Heated Hoses to keep the materials warm as they pass through, maintaining desired processing temperatures. An Electric motor operates either Electric or Hydraulic Displacement Pumps and Pressurize the A&B Materials. In addition to the REACTOR, Compressors, Air Dryers, Lights, Outlets, Fresh Air Pumps, Interior Heaters, Air Conditioners, and other Auxiliary Tools will need Power. Total system requirements will range from 20 KW to 50KW in most spray rigs and up to 100KW (+) in Dual REACTOR Rigs.
  • Selecting a Generator Manufacturer who honors Warranty and Supports their product locally is key! Our Generators can be repaired all over the Nation with no problems.
  • We recommend using a diesel generator. They are more fuel-efficient, run cooler, have 20 times the longevity, and way fewer overall issues.
  • Many companies will build cheaper rigs with gas generators to keep their cost down. The load demand of the Spray Foam System is extremely high. Gas generators will be pushed to the max and fail to deliver the on-demand continuous, Power needed for maximum production. This will result in blown engines and burnt-up Equipment. In hot weather, gas generators overheat often. I run inside a trailer that can catch fire and create a dangerous work environment if not cooled properly.
  • We are an official Dealer of the Generator we use in our designs, and the manufacturers are aware of how the units are used. Winco and Morse have both designed their products specifically for this type of application.
  • The Generator needs to be Properly Ventilated and Exhausted. Not properly venting the Generator will result in OVERHEATING. Not exhausting the Generator correctly could result in carbon monoxide poisoning and even death.
  •  GENERATOR SIZE MATTERS- Under sizing, a Generator will shorten its life and the components it powers. This will prevent spray equipment from delivering the proper air, heat, and pressure: Down Time, Poor Product Yield, and Fried Equipment.


  • A Trailer built on an Under-Rated GVWR will deteriorate quickly.
  • Spray Foam and Coatings Rigs haul heavy loads daily. Make Sure the Axles are sized to handle the loads being hauled daily. Normal GVWR will Range From 10,000 Lbs. to 16,000 Lbs. Torsion Axles will provide a smoother ride and maintenance-free, more rigid, and better handling control in crosswinds and rough roads than Spring Axles. 
  • It is imperative to have an equal balance Spray Foam Trailer. If the Tongue Weight is TOO HEAVY (Weight>15% of Load) or TOO LIGHT (Weight<9% of Load), resulting in tires, broken axles, bent frame, and broken welds.
  • An Unbalanced Trailer will result in Dangerous and Uncontrollable Swaying and Pulling from the trailer and Lethal to the Driver and Others on the Road. This is also not healthy for the Tow Vehicle.
  • Selection of Barn-door or Ramp door will be important for loading the 55 Gallon Drums by either Forklift or Drum Dolly.

 *Structure of the Trailer is also important and is one of the first things a cheap rig builder cut prices with. We use complete box tube framing and space out the beam the proper distance for maximum overall strength. *

 *Material weight is plus or minus 3000 to 5000 lbs. on the trailer at any given time. So, the Barrel weight needs to be over the axles so that the trailer always has a consistent tongue weight. *

 *If GVW is rated too high, a CDL will be needed. This is just something that Dual Reactor Spray Rigs will need to pay attention to. Most single proportioner rigs will not come close to this. Total Rating must be under 26,000 combined Truck and Trailer in most states. *

 The Equation for Success





The Equation for Failure






Questions Before Buying a Rig

  • How often do you intend on spraying?
  • What type of applications will the Equipment Perform?
  • Will you be spraying open cell or closed cell?
  • Will you perform High-Volume Applications like Roofing and Trench Breakers?
  • Do you intend on Slab Jacking? 
  • What environment will you be working in?

Budget and Goals

The budget will largely affect the Investment. Back to the second question above, "What application will the Equipment perform?

If the budget does not line up with the business goals, maybe change the goals and start smaller and aim higher. Otherwise, wait till the good Investment can be made.

Why Graco?

No other Pump Manufacturer has the Advanced Product Development and Technology like GRACO, Established in 1926. The closest competitor Falls Short 9 Decades.

Why ArmorThane?

ArmorThane understands that HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT installed correctly leads to PROFITS. While LOW-QUALITY EQUIPMENT installed Improperly results in LOSSES. They pride themselves on building the highest quality rigs to provide the GREATEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT

ArmorThane combines Graco's Top Quality Reactors with leading manufacturers of generators, compressors, air dryers, trailers, and other components to produce a superior custom-built spray rig. With over 30 years of rig engineering, ArmorThane pioneers the Spray Foam and Coating Industry's Rig Market. They Educate, Train, and Support all Produced Products!

Where Not to Purchase Equipment

Do not buy your Equipment from a Non-Graco Distributor, and steer clear of used Equipment from private sellers and on eBay!!!!!!!!

These companies advertise prices lower than Distributors, and that is Impossible. Resellers buy their Equipment from a Licensed Distributor. This leads to deceptive practices that will almost always VOID the Equipment Warranty. Warranties can also only be processed by a Distributor, NOT a RESELLER!

*Remember you want to be a Spray Foam Applicator, not a Spray Foam Mechanic. *

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Let ArmorThane Build It Right

We want to make your coating jobs as convenient and fast as possible. That's why we design the trailer to your request or we'll help guide you through the layout and equipment choices based on your business plans. Options range from a smaller, low pressure configuration to a longer, two-room version that's fully outfitted with a high volume system.

Example Trailers

Industries and projects have difference requirements. Ask us for more details on these custom built examples:

  • Primary and Secondary Containment Unit – 36 Ft Gooseneck Trailer with resting berths and large chemical storage
  • Mining and Heavy Industry Unit – 30 Ft Gooseneck Trailer with multiple air tools from one large compressor
  • Residential and Commercial Coatings – 20 Ft Bumper Pull Trailer designed for easy-to-reach projects such as decks, animal enclosures
  • Foam-Focused Unit – 20 Ft Bumper Pull Trailer with long line sets reaching from the trailer
Each Mobile Coatings Unit comes complete with everything you need to get started AND keep going. Everything is included up front…

Projects are different from one applicator to the next. So, why buy a trailer designed for someone else? Instead, we customize the design of a trailer to fit your projects.

Our Coatings Units take power and equipment to any industrial, commercial or residential jobsite. Customers look to us for guidance, but the final choice of equipment and layout is yours. Options vary from a smaller, high or low pressure configuration to a longer, two-compartment version that’s fully outfitted with a high pressure system. Sizes typically range from 16' up to 36'.

MCU are Built to Take the Coatings Business Directly to the Job Site

Whether you decide to run completely mobile or simply add flexibility to a workshop business, ArmorThane helps you select the materials and application equipment that fits your plans.

Trailers are specifically designed for easy access with all of the tools needed to produce high-quality ArmorThane coatings. A gas generator even allows you to bring power to any site.

Image result for mobile coating units

While No Two Trailers are Alike, Here are Some Features of One-Compartment and Two-Compartment MCUs:

  • Rear Ramp Entry Door
  • Optional Separated Equipment Room
  • Exhaust Fans for Equipment Room
  • Spray Gun Access Door
  • Ventilated Generator System
  • Multiple Regulated Air Drops
  • Multiple 110V and 230V Power Connects
  • Propane or Electric Trailer/Material Heat
  • Coated Interior for Scratch Protection
  • Shore Power Switch
  • Outside Fill Fuel Tank
  • Refrigerated Dry Air
  • Side Entrance Door into Optional Equipment Room
  • Optional Internal Wall for Sound Reduction, Insulation
  • Propane Travel Racks for Propane Heat
  • Reinforced Hose Hangers
  • Hose Connection Impact Guard
  • Proportioner Impact Guard
  • Wall-Mounted Tool Cabinets
  • Work Bench with Gun Vise
  • Eye Wash Station
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Optional Exterior Graphics

Secondary containment pit coating

Plus we provide all of the polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid coating products, primers, sealers, topcoats, spray guns, tools and supplies you need.

Several Questions Help Us Make Key Design Recommendations

We want to help you make the right decisions. When you talk with us, we’ll ask questions regarding:

  • Type of Spraying Projects
  • Spraying Environment (Temperature, Humidity)
  • Spraying Distance from the Trailer
  • Tools and Equipment Used
  • Access to Power, Cost of Power
  • Equipment Noise, Heat
  • Ventilation Required
  • Site-to-Site or Fixed Locations

You get:
Industry Leading Components
• Turn Key Generator Powered Unit
• Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam
• Fresh Air and Safety Systems
• Climate Controlled Mobile Storage

Heated Hose Rack
Holds up to 410 ft. of hose. Designed with no sharp edges to tear or fray protective scuff jacket. Includes mounting bracket for heated hose circulation manifold.
Fit and Finish
Interior of trailer is lined with a white laminated plywood (not just painted). White aluminum trim in corners keeps the fluid and air hoses concealed for a clean and professional look.
Fully Insulated
ArmorThane Mobile Rigs are fully insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam for the best insulation while adding structural strength to the trailer.
Trailer Specs
Trailer manufactured by United Trailers with 7.5 ft. tall interior height, double I-beam construction with support studs on 16 inch centers. Includes rear bogey wheels, and is backed with a 5 year warranty.
Work Bench and Cabinet
Galvanized steel work bench with vise, grinder and overhead white aluminum locking cabinet.
Barrel Braces
Engineered to hold two or three sets of material securely for a mobile application.
Generator/Air Compressor All rigs come with generators and air compressors from leading manufacturers and are approved installations backed by warranty.
Separated Utility Room
Generator is installed in separate utility compartment, sealed from the spray/work space — reducing noise and exposure to emissions.


Image result for mobile coating unit
  • ft (8.5m) gooseneck trailer (8 ft / 2.4m height)
  • 20 ft (6m) tag-along trailer (8 ft / 2.4m height)
  • 16 ft (5m) tag-along trailer (7 ft / 2.1m height)
  • Box truck
  • Sea containers
  • 53 ft (16m) trailers for roofing and Xtreme Mix
    All trailers and box trucks include:

  • Proper ventilation. Engineered louver system designed to keep the generator from overheating
  • Color-coded drum restraints
  • Insulated partition wall between utilities and cabin. This separates the generator from the proportioner – reducing noise during operation
  • Electrical system with control panel
  • Hose hanger (up to 410 ft /125m capacity)
  • 1/4 in (.635cm) plywood walls, double 3⁄4 in (1.9 cm) plywood flooring (trailers only)
  • Heavy-duty 8 in (20.3 cm) main beam construction (trailers only)
  • Custom barrel brace set
  • Two ABC approved fire extinguishers
  • Deluxe first aid kit



  • Reactor® H-40
  • Reactor H-25
  • Reactor E-30
  • Reactor E-20
  • Reactor H-XP2
  • Reactor E-XP2
  • Reactor A-20
  • Xtreme Mix™
    Gun Package:

  • Fusion® Air Purge
  • Fusion Mechanical Purge
  • Gusmer® GX-7
  • GX-8
  • GX-DI
  • Gap Pro
  • D-Gun
  • XTR Gun
  • Flex Plus™ Gun

  • 2000 psi
  • 3500 psi
  • 5000 psi
  • 7250 psi (Water-jacketed hose available)


  • 40 KW diesel
  • 60 KW diesel
    Generator packages include:

  • Installation and wiring
  • E-stop
  • Hardware
  • Shut down alarms
  • Correct sizing for application


  • Rotary screw compressor (40 cfm) integrated with generator saves valuable floor space (60 cfm model is optional)
  • 5 hp Champion compressor (17.5 cfm)
  • 5 hp Champion compressor (Vertical) (17.5 cfm)
  • 10 hp Champion compressor (35 cfm)
    All air systems include:

  • Installation and plumbing
  • Refrigerated dryer – 225°F (107°C) inlet temperature ensures proper air drying in any climate
  • Filtration
  • Regulators
  • Quick disconnects
  • Correct sizing for application